10 reasons to invest in a new launch project:

Real Estate investment is one of the most potential & popular investment options. Although investing in an early stage of the project is very profitable but it requires a lot of research & planning. Investing in newly launched real estate project is very tricky. You have to conscious before investing in the newly launched project. 

1: Price benefit: At the launching of any project, prices are always a lower side. As different stage of construction property prices increased. There is a huge difference between launching price & when the project completed.

2: Discount: At launching, stage builder offers several schemes & huge discount to attract customers. It is the best time to invest in any property.

3: Best option available in the project: We can get the best option in the newly launched project. There is a higher chance to book property as per our choice & preference.

4: Easy to pay: There are several payment options available to pay. There is not required to pay the entire amount in one go. We have to make payment in installments.

5: High Return: Investment in the newly launched project is more attractive & profitable than an investment in the latter stage.

6: Easy to liquidate: As we selected the best option for investment in the project at a lower price. Then it is easy to find a buyer for our property.

7: Investment for the long term: If someone plans to invest for a long tenure, then it is always advisable to launch early launch project. 

8: Source of passive income: Investing in real estate project, create a source of passive income through renting/ leasing it.

9: Tax benefit: Buying your own dream home is a dream comes true. Investing in residential property not only fulfill the home requirement but also provide tax benefit too.  Investing in residential property gives additional tax benefit up to 2 lakh under section 24.

10: Easy to manage: Property gives the option to use by self or lease it. In both circumstances, it is easy to manage.